Garden of Gratitude Long Sleeves 🍃🌿
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Garments grounded in Gratitude.

Each of our printed garments are printed on The SUPIMA® U.S.- Grown Pima Cotton. 100% heavyweight GOTS certified organic cotton. All SUPIMA® cotton is ginned on “roller gins” that operate at much lower speeds in order to gently separate the fiber from the seed. Grown from the high quality seed, the fibers within are preserved through the ginning process to then be built into the fabric that is understood globally as the best. It offers anyone wearing it a reliable garment that has the softest and silkiest feel possible.

The print on the back:
Is a picture of Lake Nokoue - which is home to the town of Ganvie, Benin. As seen on the first episode of the Netflix docuseries High on The Hog, Ganvie provided a pocket of safety and protected area from the brutal slave trade of the 16th and 17th centuries. Slave-trader and colonial kidnappers did not enter the lagoon. Local communities established a town—complete with homes, churches , businesses, fish farms, and boat-based transportation system.

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Body 27.5″ | Chest 20″ | Sleeve 33.75″


Body 28.5″ | Chest 21″| Sleeve 34.5″


Body 29.5″ | Chest 22″ | Sleeve 35.25″


Body 30.75″ | Chest 23.5″ | Sleeve 36″


Body 32″ | Chest 25″ | Sleeve 36.75″

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